Biden Says This Will Happen His First Day In Office

All reversals of Trump accomplishments.

Joe Biden has promised his supporters and the American people he will pursue policies his first day in office that will reverse the policies of President Trump. He has broken it down into 7 measures.

1) Send a DACA bill to Congress.

This will be the beginning of a complete reversal of Trump policies on border security. The wall may come down soon. The southeastern United States will fling its doors open and millions from Mexico and Central America will walk through. The region will become a cultural province of Mexico, reversing the Mexican American War. The ultimate goal? Flipping Texas to blue and denying the Republicans, by the Electoral College numbers, any chance of the White House.

2) Ending the travel ban- Not only on our southern border, but every American airport will be open to any terrorist who can hop a flight. This, of course, in the middle of a pandemic.

The ban currently affects travelers from Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Eritrea, Kyrgystan, Myanmar and Nigeria. It bars select residents from Tanzania and Venezuela.

“The Trump administration’s anti-Muslim bias hurts our economy, betrays our values, and can serve as a powerful terrorist recruiting tool,” the Biden campaign website said. “Prohibiting Muslims from entering the country is morally wrong, and there is no intelligence or evidence that suggests it makes our nation more secure. It is yet another abuse of power by the Trump administration designed to target primarily black and brown immigrants. Biden will immediately rescind the ‘Muslim bans.’” They will love this in Tehran and in any other capitol that seeks to do us harm.

3) Rejoin Paris climate agreement – Watermelon Bolsheviks will rejoice, as we give up control of our economy and use of our natural resources to international bodies that hate us.

4) Require masks anywhere he can- That means any federal land or offices and during interstate travel. Most states have already done their bit in this regard. Biden just wants in on the government control action.

5) Reverse any and all Trump asylum limitations- Courts have done this already. Biden will confirm it and expand it.

6) Try to raise taxes on everybody- He will try to raise taxes on producers and entrepreneurs and those taxes could kill jobs and industries across the country. But Congress may not agree to that, especially a Republican Senate. That’s why we must win in Georgia.

7) Reregulate the oil and gas industry- Did you like American energy independence? Well, say goodbye to it. We will again rely on the Middle East and millions of Americans will be thrown out of work. This is what awaits us in January. If we lose Georgia it will be much worse. That’s why it is absolutely criminal in the political sense for the party, GOP activists, or Republican resources to be focused right now on anything else, especially a lost cause, when the Senate and thus the country hangs in the balance. If we lose the Senate battle in Georgia, the blood will be on the hands of the Trump bitter enders for their futile and stupid focus on the last election.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on December 26, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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