Herschel Walker’s Conservative Son Obliterates Meghan Markle After Interview – Stop ‘Playing The Victim’

In the days since Meghan Markle’s explosive tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, most celebrities have fawned over her and taken her side over the Queen’s. The NBA legend Herschel Walker’s conservative son Christian, however, was not having any of it. Instead of praising Meghan, he went after her in a Twitter rant, telling her to stop “playing the victim.”

During Meghan’s interview, she claimed that she was hit with racism from within the royal family, alleging that an unnamed senior royal questioned how dark her then-unborn son Archie would be when she was pregnant with him. She went so far as to claim that she felt so isolated as a royal that she considered suicide at one point during her pregnancy.

Christian took to Twitter to drop a major truth bomb on Meghan with a video in which he called her out for playing the victim.

“Playing victim is a new ‘trend,'” he captioned it. “Meghan Markle loves to pretend as though she’s oppressed and hates being the public eye, while simultaneously calling news stations to do interviews after getting waited on by her butlers. GET OVER YOURSELF. Being a victim should not be a trend.”

Check out the video for yourself below.

Christian isn’t the only public figure to speak out against Meghan after her interview. Piers Morgan quit his job at “Good Morning Britain” after he got backlash for calling Meghan out the day after the interview aired.

“I believe in freedom of speech,” Morgan said after he quit. “I believe in the right to be allowed to have an opinion. If people want to believe Meghan Markle, that’s entirely their right.”

‘I don’t believe almost anything that comes out of her mouth and I think the damage she’s done to the British monarchy, and to the Queen, at a time when Prince Philip is lying in hospital, is enormous and frankly contemptible,” he continued. “If I have to fall on my sword for expressing an honestly held opinion about Meghan Markle and that diatribe of bilge that she came out within that interview, so be it.”

Morgan later said he was forced to quit after he refused to apologize to Meghan on-air.

“I’ve lost my job at Good Morning Britain because I chose not to apologise for disbelieving Meghan Markle’s claims in her interview with Oprah Winfrey,” Morgan wrote in an open letter posted to Instagram. “I thus became the latest ‘victim’ of the cancel culture that is permeating our country, every minute, of every hour, of everyday. Though of course, I consider myself to be neither a victim, nor actually cancelled.”


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