Meghan Markle Teams Up With Hillary Clinton’s Former Advisor As Rumors Swirl She’s Planning Presidential Run

Last month, we reported that rumors were swirling that Meghan Markle is considering running for president. Now, these rumors are gaining even more traction, as she has aligned herself to a former advisor of the two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Meghan and her husband Prince Harry have enlisted former Hillary advisor Genevieve Roth to work with them on initiatives and campaigns as a senior strategic advisor. While Roth is the founder of social impact agency Invisible Hand, she is also known to be very political and has been linked to various powerful Democrats.

The U.K. Express reported that royal expert Russell Myers pointed out to people who think it’s unfathomable that Meghan may run for president that it once seemed unthinkable that Donald Trump would do that as well. He added that it’s clear that Meghan is “aligning herself with interesting figures” such as Ms Roth.

“Something which is fun to talk about is these Meghan Markle for President rumours and they might seem fanciful but at one stage so did Donald Trump becoming President seem absolutely ludicrous,” he said. “And while people may poo-poo this idea, she is definitely aligning herself with some very interesting figures. We’ve learned this week that Archewell is joining forces with a lady called Genevieve Roth who will serve as a senior strategic advisor as Archewell.”

“Now, Roth is the founder of a social impact agency called Invisible Hand and she’s going to be working with Archewell on initiatives and campaigns,” Myer added. “The reason this is so interesting is because Genevieve Roth once worked for Hillary Clinton and she’s quite the strategic adviser, aligned to the Democrats, and could this be a precursor for Meghan’s political ambitions?”

When asked about Meghan potentially running for president last month, Trump said, “Well, I hope that happens, because if that happens, I think I’d have an even stronger feel toward running [in 2024]. I’m not a fan of hers. I think that what she talked about the Royal Family and the queen, I happen to think, I know the queen, as you know. I’ve met with the queen and I think the queen is a tremendous person and I am not a fan of Meghan.”

Prior to marrying Prince Harry, Meghan was an outspoken liberal Hollywood star who let it be known that she was no fan of Trump’s.

“Yes, of course, Trump is divisive, think about female voters alone, right? I think it was in 2012 the Republican Party lost the female vote by 12 points; that is a huge number and with as misogynistic as Trump is, and so vocal about it, that is a huge chunk of it,” Meghan said months before Trump came out victorious over Hillary in the 2016 presidential election.

“You’re not just voting for a woman if it’s Hillary because she’s a woman, but certainly because Trump has made it easy to see that you don’t really want that kind of world that he’s painting,” she added.

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