AOC Thinks Democrats Need More AOC

We totally agree.

We rarely are on the same page as Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But when she’s right, she’s right. We implore the DNC to use AOC in every race in the country because more AOC means less Democrats.

What you’ll read below are the rantings of a self-absorbed Marxist lunatic who needs the spotlight to validate her. Without it she’s nothing. Hence her plea to fellow Democrats. A plea that we beg they heed. After all, Republican wins by 4-6 points is nice. With AOC front and center Republicans could easily win by double digits.

FNC: “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said Democrats made a ‘mistake’ by not using her and fellow progressives during the Virginia gubernatorial race, where Republican Glenn Youngkin narrowly defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

McAuliffe, who previously served one term in the Virginia governor’s seat from 2014 to 2018, held onto a single-digit lead over Youngkin in the months leading up to Election Day, but was ultimately defeated even after campaigning with President Biden, Vice President Harris, former President Obama, and other top Democrats. The win for Youngkin is now seen as a referendum on Biden’s administration as well as liberal ideologies that have spread under his administration. During an interview with The New York Times published Monday, Ocasio-Cortez complained that she wasn’t invited to campaign with McAuliffe or help out with the race in any way.”

“Before the Virginia elections, it was very clear that our help and our participation was not wanted or asked for, which is fine. I’m not here to tell people how to run their races,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “But at the same time, to consider the members here that have some of the tightest relationships to our political base as just a uniform liability – and not something that can be selectively deployed, or consulted, or anything – I think it’s just sad. I think it was a mistake.

“And we saw a big youth turnout collapse,” she continued. “Not a single person asked me to send an email, not even to my own list. And then they turn around and say, ‘It’s their fault.’ When I think it was communicated quite expressly that we were unwelcome to pitch in.

“The idea that we just accept a collapse in youth turnout – and essentially turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy – in times when races are decided by such narrow margin points: I think it’s ill advised,” she added. She insisted Youngkin won because McAuliffe ran a “100% super moderated campaign” that didn’t “energize a progressive base.”

“Plus, on the election front. I actually think we have good news as well. I know that Virginia was a huge bummer. And honestly, if anything, I think that the results show the limits of trying to run a fully 100% super moderated campaign that does not excite speak to or energize a progressive base. And frankly, we weren’t even really invited to contribute on that race.”  We once again concur. The Democrats need more AOC, lots more.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on November 23, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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