Multiple Biden Scandals Are Coming in 2022, Brace Yourself – Jason Chaffetz

"I think those will be a lot of surprise issues, and they will be coming up and they are underway right now."

Although President Joe Biden promised the Democrats at their Christmas event that they would win big in the 2022 midterm elections, the poll and analysts predict a massive wave of red. And the Republicans winning back control isn’t even the biggest takeaway, as former Congressman Jason Chaffetz admitted on Sunday that the numerous scandals surrounding the Biden administration would take center stage.

Speaking with guest host, Mike Emanuel on Fox News Sunday, Chaffetz and other panelists were asked to give their own predictions going into the midterms. Chaffetz said, “I think security was going to be right near the top of the agenda. Security in your health, security on the border, security in your hometown, security in the big cities, and certainly security around the world, because I think Joe Biden has a very full plate going into 2022.” Chaffetz added, “I also think privacy will be a major theme, an issue. You need to show papers in this country in order to go into a restaurant. Those types of things will be right near the top of the agenda.”

Wall Street Journal’s Catherine Lucey took her turn, noting, “The other thing I’ll be watching really closely that you mentioned earlier in the show is what happens with schools in 2022. If we see any more widespread, you know, return to virtual learning. We’ve seen a lot of parent frustration over that, that really played in the Virginia governor’s race. I think that’s something we can keep a close eye on.” 

Chaffetz would eventually get another turn, concluding, “Scandal. Just last week, the Secret Service said 100-plus billion dollars was scammed, and a lot of the payments going out there. There are a lot of scandals out there going out across this administration, and I think those will be a lot of surprise issues, and they will be coming up, and they are underway right now. Look out, because they are coming.”

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on December 27, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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