News Anchor Humiliates Kamala Harris, Calls Her a “Cackling Nincompoop”

America's media refuses to acknowledge this disaster

The left-wing American media does everything in its power to protect Democrats. The absurd policies, the strange public performances, the corruption; it is all ignored and swept under the rug.

But around the globe, the international media is watching what is happening to America with utter shock.

An Australian news anchor and host of “The Outsiders” could not contain herself after hearing Kamala Harris make a compete fool of herself during a public meeting with the Polish President.

Sky News’ Rita Panahi showed clips of America’s incompetent VP embarrassing herself and our nation, and called her “the worst vice president” in American history, by far.

She’s a “cackling nincompoop”, the Australian host observed, adding, “Kamala Harris is proof of what can happen when you disregard meritocracy and embrace identity politics.”

Indeed, before selecting a VP, Joe Biden made it very clear that his choice would be a “woman of color”, first and foremost.

Watch the video below. It is pretty incredible.


Panahi commented, “This week’s wretched performance has cemented her place as worst vice president in U.S. history, and my word, they’ve had a few doozies… including one that couldn’t even spell ‘potato’, but you know what? Dan Quayle is a genius compared to Kamal Harris.”

She continued, “It’s no wonder that the Ukrainian president’s former press secretary said this about Kamala, after that recent performance… ‘It would be a tragedy if this woman won the presidency.'”

Indeed, VP Harris never misses an opportunity to embarrass herself and America. As incompetent as Joe Biden is, it pales in comparison to the idiocracy on full display every time Kamala Harris shows up in public.

Let’s pray that Biden can survive his three remaining years in office. Because as bad as he is, Kamala Harris simply cannot be allowed to become America’s 47th President.

And let’s pray that the United States of America can survive three more years of the Biden Administration.

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