Iran Deal Will Make Biden “Top Funder of Terrorism in the World”, Says Ted Cruz

The Biden administration has indicated that it wants to re-enter the misguided 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran that was crafted under the Obama administration.

This only days after Iran fired missiles at an American diplomatic compound in Iraq.

A Biden State Department spokesman told Newsweek, “There has been significant progress and we are close to a possible deal. These are complex negotiations, and we are still working through a number of difficult issues.”

Republican in the House and Senate have made no secret about their opposition to the deal.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told National Review, “It is likely to make Joe Biden the No. 1 funder of terrorism in the world.”

Cruz is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The Senator added, “Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world. They deliberately target American citizens for murder. And Joe Biden, for whatever reason, is eager to fund terrorists trying to murder Americans. We still don’t know the specifics of the deal, but everything we hear keeps getting worse and worse by the day. At this point, it is complete surrender to the ayatollah. It is complete surrender to Russia and Putin.”

Cruz further commented that those countries that despise America know that “the best way to get billions of dollars from Joe Biden is to carry out a campaign of murder targeting Americans and our allies.”

The Biden administration has also promised Iran that they would add language into the agreement that would force future American presidents to abide to the agreement.

Cruz continued, “Joe Biden and the ayatollah know that whatever terrible deal they put in writing will be ripped to shreds on the very first day of the next Republican administration, which I believe will be January 20, 2025, regardless of who the Republican president is. Biden and the ayatollah know it.”

Congressional House Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) told Fox News “A renewed JCPOA (Iranian nuclear deal) would increase the risk of a nuclear Iran, enrich terrorists and destabilize the entire region.”

“Let’s be clear: Joe Biden isn’t just negotiating with terrorists, he’s sending terrorists billions in sanctions relief.”

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