Biden Admin Goes Orwellian, Creates a ‘Disinformation Governance Board’

Created immediately after Musk bought Twitter.

If historians eventually look for the moment when a civil conflict started in this nation, it could be right now. The Biden administration has, as a matter of policy, decided to censor speech it doesn’t like. This strikes at the heart of the American experiment and is the exact opposite of the vision of the Founders.

If this becomes the reality then Americans will have more than enough reason for rebellion against an Orwellian police state.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration said it was going to establish a “Disinformation Governance Board” to combat online “disinformation.” Of course, that’s disinformation as they define it. Which means anything they disagree with. They are doing this as a direct result of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter.

What did Musk say that upset the police staters in the Biden administration? “For Twitter to deserve public trust, it must be politically neutral, which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left equally.”

Musk wants to piss off the dumb populists of the right and the evil Bolsheviks of the left. Can’t get more American than that. But the hard left of the Biden administration, given their fascist sympathies, can’t tolerate criticism of any kind.

Jen Psaki said, “It sounds like the objective of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country in a range of communities. I’m not sure who opposes that effort.” The American people do because they realize what you’re up to. But Democrats don’t care about ideas like free speech.

Senator Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., told Bloomberg in an interview published Thursday: “We’re thinking about the possibility of hearings.” Yup, haul Musk up before the Senate and ask him how can he dare propose a level playing field of speech. The very thought of it!

Republicans saw what this is all about. “Rather than police our border, Homeland Security has decided to make policing Americans’ speech its top priority,” Republican Senator Josh Hawley wrote in a tweet. “They’re creating a Disinformation Board. No, really.”

A woman who transcends party these days, Tulsi Gabbard, nailed the whole thing. She said, “This is the kind of thing that you see in dictatorships, this ‘Ministry of Truth’. The reason why you see this in dictatorships is because they’re afraid of us. They’re afraid of the people. They’re afraid that we might actually think for ourselves.

“[T]hey’re revealing exactly who they are and why they’re doing it, what they’re trying to accomplish,” she said. “And it allows us, the American people, to stand up and say, ‘Hey, you know what? We’re not going to let you get away with this crap’.

“We will take a stand. We will reject it. And we will throw out of office those who are continuing to push and propagate this undemocratic, anti-free speech mission.” Spot on Gabbard. This will not stand. At least, not in an America that remains free.


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