Bill Maher Triggers Leftists In New Special, Says He Wants To Punch “Young People” Who Wear Masks Alone While Outside

Comedian and host Of Real Time, Bill Maher, has managed to upset leftists with his new comedy special that recently debuted on HBO – namely because some of his jokes poked fun at mask worshippers and other topics sensitive to the Left.

Make no mistake about Maher, he’s still quite liberal and an ardent critic of former President Trump and numerous other notable Republicans, but he’s also cognizant that the Left has pretty much left him behind in modern times as well.

In his new stand-up special called “#Adulting” that premiered on HBO earlier in April, a few of the jokes were aimed at some of the silly antics and ideals being propped up by the modern Left, which the folks at The Daily Beast clearly were not a fan of.

Writing for the leftist outlet, contributor Marlow Stern claimed that Maher’s new special “is where comedy goes to die,” likening the comedian’s humor to being a “brand of smug contrarianism.”

During the stand-up special, Maher poked fun at the youth who are still clinging to their masks, saying, “I still see young people, alone, walking outside with a mask. I want to fucking punch them and breathe on them. You know what? You’re young, you’ve got the good immune system, it’s outside, play the odds a little bit you fucking pussies. No, really, we are raising a generation of Howie Mandels. We induced mass hysteria.”

Apparently, The Daily Beast’s Stern was not amused over a pun about people wearing masks while alone and outside, writing, “I’m not sure why the sight of young people wearing face coverings during a pandemic would incite such rage, but I am also not a self-absorbed talk-show host worth over $100 million.”

Maher also brought up cancel culture in his routine, saying how the “petty, judge-y, cancel culture shit does seem to hang more on the left, and people are just tired of this.”

And again, Stern dismissed this category of humor as though it were somehow uninformed or uninspired, writing, “If Maher is to be believed, there are few things worse in 2022 than being roundly criticized for a day or two on Twitter over perceived wrongdoings (at least for rich folks like himself). And no group is more guilty of this unspeakable act of barbarism than liberals.”

Near the end of the special, Maher referenced the dramatic shifting of the Overton window with respect to the Left, saying, “Liberalism is lifting up those who have been forgotten and forsaken. It’s not being petty, and scolding, and virtue-signaling. Trust me, folks – I haven’t changed. I’m still the same pot-smoking, childless, unmarried libertine I always was. I have many flaws, but you cannot accuse me of maturing.”

Like clockwork, the humor was lost on The Daily Beast contributor, rhetorically asking at the end of the article, “So, who is Maher lifting up here?”


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