Disney Employee Praises Desantis; ‘There Are Many Others Like Me at Disney’

A brave Disney employee appeared on Fox News to proclaim his support for Florida Governor Ron Desantis. The employee, Jose Castillo, said he is a conservative, and says that what Disney is doing is wrong.

“There’s a lot of controversy out there right now, and a lot of people are saying that Ron Desantis is going after Disney, but it’s actually the other way around. Disney has been going after our law, and Governor Desantis. You’ve got to read between the lines,” Castillo said, “They said their goal was to get rid of Republicans in Tallahassee, including the governor. And we just can’t allow that.”

Castillo says that he has a daughter who means everything to him, and his family is his priority.

“I actually have something I want to show you,” he continued. “It’s a picture of my daughter. You see, she’s four. Four years old. I’m a father. I would do anything to protect my daughter. I know that the governor is a father as well. He has three young children. And he will do anything to protect his children. So I applaud the governor to stand up to corporations like this, like Disney, and to protect the children of Florida.”

He held up a photo of his daughter.

Castillo made it clear that he does not want his daughter’s teachers talking to her about gender identity at such a young and vulnerable age.

“I wouldn’t want a teacher asking her, ‘ Hey, what are your pronouns? Are you a girl or a boy today?’ It’s absurd. And it’s sad that it’s gotten to this point.”

He added that some of his friends had warned him that his employer may not be pleased with his outspoken opinion on this issue. To that, he responded, “I love the (Disney) company, but the fact of the matter is this. If I were to lose my job, I can find another job. But I can’t find another country. I really believe that the people who should be on the chopping block should be the board of directors, the CEO and the chairman.”

When the Fox host asked Castillo how he thought other Disney employees felt about this issue, he replied, “The people who are fighting it (the Parental Right’s Bill) are a small minority. The vast majority of Disney’s cast are parents, grandparents. And there are members of the LGBT community along side us who are saying that what the company is doing is wrong.”

Castillo is now running for Congress in Florida. For the sake of our nation, let’s hope he and others like him are successful in November.

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