NBC Asks Black Voters What Democrats Have Done For Them; Answers Were Brutal

On Thursday, the news outlet CNN revealed that a new poll showed that among black voters in America, President Joe Biden has dropped a whopping 20 points. This latest revelation comes as the Democrats are already struggling as the 2022 midterm elections are approaching quickly. Not to mention the 2024 Presidential election that has caught the eye of President Biden, who might be seeking another term. Either way, in order to secure the Oval Office, votes are needed and knowing the polls could be wrong, NBC decided to ask black Americans what the Democrats have done for their community. The answers were more powerful than the polls. 

Hosting the segment, NBC reporter Antonia Hylton asked people their thoughts, leading to one person saying, “Well, you just sit there and you see your elders say something to you know the town hall or something like that, and nothing’s being done about it, after a while, it just becomes a non-factor in your life.” He added, “You just feel like, I’m gonna do what I got to do, survive on a day to day, make way for my family and everything like that. Politics don’t really matter.”

Asking another person, business owner Michael Covington admitted, “To me, in a small town like this, it really doesn’t matter who you have in office. The effect that we experience is the same. It don’t matter if it’s Biden, it don’t matter if it’s Trump, it don’t matter if it’s Obama or Clinton or Bush, it really doesn’t matter. What we feel down here is exactly the same. They could never even tell us who the president is, and we really still gonna be exactly the same, you know what I mean.”

One person chimed in, declaring the Democrats haven’t done anything but stole from them. “Taking us down through, girl! That’s about it! Taking all our s***! Like the rest of them! Ain’t gonna do nothin for us!”

As for CNN’s poll, host Harry Enten noted, “It’s really down, you can see at the beginning of his term, he was at 87%, look where he is over the last few months, 67%, that’s a 20-point drop. Not only is it a 20 point drop, that 67%, Barack Obama the last Democratic president never dropped below 75% in any Gallup Poll. This was lower than Barack Obama ever was.”


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