Newt Gingrich Says Elon Musk Is a Danger to Leftists at Twitter, Facebook, and Google

Newt Gingrich joined Fox News today to discuss Elon Musk’s attempted takeover of Twitter.

“My hope is that he’s really going to go after these guys,” Gingrich quipped. “You know, if you’re on the hard left, you don’t want freedom of speech. You want freedom of your speech, and nobody else… You know, this whole notion of ‘I get to define what free speech is’,  and I think Musk represents a danger because he doesn’t follow the rules. He’s a true, genuine libertarian.”

The former Speaker of the House said that the current system is corrupt.

“I think you need to understand how corrupt the system has become. You have a bunch of people who protect each other, who invest in each other, you have a handful of very very wealthy investors who control dozens and dozens of boards, and a large part of the move of the big boards’ towards woke left wing policies has been a function of this handful of investors who have hand picked their people to serve on these boards. Musk would be a genuine threat not just to Twitter, but he’d be a threat to Facebook and Google, because he would open up and allow people to freely be involved in a dialog, and he would attract a huge audience almost overnight.”

Gingrich thinks Musk will own Twitter in the end.

“My guess is that in the end, he will fight his way through, and he will end up owning Twitter, and he’ll make it a very interesting, dynamic place, which the left will hate. They don’t want an interesting dynamic. They want people robotically repeating what they are told to say.”

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