Newt Says Biden Administration More Out-of-Touch than Any Other in Modern History

He adds that Kamala may be the dumbest VP ever elected to that office

Newt Gingrich sat down with Fox News host Steve Doocy this week to discuss his thoughts on the Biden administration.

Newt commented on a recent statement from Hillary Clinton, who said that “There’s lots that Democrats can talk about in this upcoming midterms.” Newt’s response, “Well, if you’re only willing to spend $80,000 on an electric car, then you can save some money on gasoline.”

He continued, “Look, the Democrats have a huge problem. Almost every one of their policies is unpopular, and the ones that aren’t unpopular are failing. So, they don’t want to admit that they have to change policies, because that will make the left unhappy, so they tell you that it’s a messaging problem and I just can’t convince you that it’s great.”

“The price of food is going up, the price of gasoline is going up, the president looks weak and silly overseas, and the vice president may be the dumbest person ever elected to that office.”

The former speaker added that focusing on correct pronoun usage rather than stopping illegal immigration at our southern border is absurd.

“They continue to attack the oil and gas industry,” he quipped, “then they are shocked when the price of oil goes up.”

Newt then declared, “I think this administration is more out of touch with reality than any other administration in modern history.”

Brutal. But is Newt wrong?

Hardly. Polls show that Americans now favor Republicans over Democrats by a 44% to 42% margin. And these types of polls always under report Republican support because of the way the polls are conducted. The Democrat party is even losing support from registered Democrats.

Lastly, Newt highlighted a fascinating poll showing that more Americans think that getting Biden out of office would be better for our nation than getting Putin out of office.

It doesn’t get any more humiliating than that for ol’ Joe Biden.

Let’s hope the 2022 midterm elections is a tsunami red wave, and the beginning of a return to common sense in Washington DC.


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