Baby Formula Crisis Now Starting Fights In Grocery Stores

How long until this escalates into full scale food riots?

Although the Democrats and especially the White House tried to dismiss the growing concern around the baby formula shortage that has hit America, as more parents struggle to find food for their infants, the pressure has mounted on the Biden administration. Just yesterday, President Joe Biden signed the Access to Baby Formula Act of 2022. The act will help expand the WIC program, which buys around half the baby formula in the United States. Last Wednesday, the President also invoked the Defense Production Action that would “direct needed resources to infant formula manufacturers before any other customer who may have ordered that good.” But even with the Biden administration finally admitting to the issue, videos have poured online of how bad the situation has gotten. 

In the video featured below, a woman is shown recording another person who single-handedly took all the baby formula off the shelves. Knowing that the formula has become a rare item, the woman was absolutely astonished by the greediness of the person. It should be noted that it is unclear if the person hoarding the baby formula was a parent at all. Take a look. 

On top of people hoarding formulas and parents having to drive hours to find a formula that might not be the right brand, the Biden administration was also caught hoarding the item. The reasoning was due to it being shipped to the Southern border and given to migrant families when they crossed. During her last week at the White House, Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended the move. 

Giving a speech on Thursday, another Democrat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, dismissed claims that the shortage would ultimately hurt their party in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. “And then obviously the baby formula is something that we don’t even consider political. That’s right at the kitchen table. So we think from the standpoint of the kitchen table that there is no comparison. They don’t even vote for domestic terrorism. Isn’t that sad? Even three authors of the bill on the Republican side didn’t vote against domestic terrorism.”

While not seeing it as a threat, the House Speaker was sure to admit there was a problem. “So there are challenges, no question. We would like COVID to not have had other variants emerge, but it did, and it’s being dealt with. The inflation issue, as related to COVID, is also related to other factors in terms of supply and the rest. Even though apologists for the very wealthy are saying it doesn’t have anything to do with unemployment going down, it does have something to do with that.”

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