Alaska’s Senator Exposes Biden’s Flagrant Attack On American Energy

Devastating video.

Everyone knows that Joe Biden, his administration, and especially the people pulling all their strings are against America being energy independent. Regardless of what the regime’s mouthpieces and their public (Big Media) relations talking heads say in the press, it’s obvious.

It’s really quite simple when you understand actions are far greater than words, and patterns are even more significant than single actions.

Senator Dan Sullivan lists off what the Biden regime has done in just the past three weeks. For example, add that to what you already know, the Keystone Pipeline versus Nord Stream 2. Also, keep in mind that just before Joe was installed into the White House, America had become energy independent under Donald Trump.

“There has been a comprehensive hostility to the energy sector by this administration, not necessarily you. Day one. I watch it every day, every day. So you’re saying we need to increase supply? Let me give you just the last three weeks. The Department of Interior, again, not you, announced that they’re taking half of the National Petroleum Reserve, set aside by Congress for oil and gas drilling in my state, off the table, the most prolific oil reservoir in the world right now. Everybody who explores there finds billion-barrel fields. Secretary Haaland, your colleague, came to Alaska and announced half of it’s off the table. That is not focused on increasing supply. It’s the opposite. Let me give you another one last week, Cook Inlet Basin, okay, that’s the other prolific oil and gas field in Alaska. At the last minute, the Biden administration canceled the lease sale. That is exactly the opposite of getting supply on the market. Three weeks ago, the Council on Environmental quality issued new NEPA rules. Everybody and their mother knows what they are. They’re meant to delay energy projects. I read them in detail. This is the last three weeks: NPRA off the table, Cook Inlet lease sale canceled, and NEPA rules to kill the production of American energy. That’s what you guys just did. Do you have a response to any of that? And I’d like details, and maybe you don’t know. And look, I’m not coming after you. The Department of Interior is a disaster. They, from day one and day one, President Biden came and said, Oh, we’re going to stop anything in Anwar. He can’t do that. The Congress of United States said there shall be two lease sales in Anwar. President day one: We’re not going to do Anwar. Sorry, Mr. President, your job, under the U.S. Constitution is to faithfully execute the law. The law says two lease sales” – Senator Dan Sullivan

They ‘say’ they’re doing everything. They take actions that are the exact opposite of what they say. They’ve been doing this for quite some time.

Again, and to put it very simply in as few characters as possible: Patterns > Actions > Words


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