Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Calls Biden’s Comments “Despicable and Outrageous”

Former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard joined Sean Hannity this week to call out the outrageous claims from the Biden Administration that the “MAGA crowd” are a dangerous terrorist group. Yes, all 76 million Americans who supported Trump are on their danger list. Tulsi pulled no punches.

“It’s worse than ridiculous, Sean,” the former Hawaii Democrat House member said. “It is absolutely despicable and outrageous. When you look at the president of the United States calling millions of Americans essentially terrorists, people who politically opposed him or voted against him, he’s calling them terrorists in an attempt to intimidate them into silence.”

Gabbard continued, “We know this because we’ve heard this before from both him (Biden) and his Attorney General. You remember when his Attorney General said anyone who holds extremist or anti-authority views  will be targeted for investigation and potential prosecution by their domestic terrorist unit. So he’s essentially saying that this ‘MAGA’ crowd are worse than terrorists. This is outrageous.”

She then rightly pointed out that regardless how you feel about the MAGA movement, “this is an authoritarian assault on our freedom… This is an assault on our Democracy.”

Wow. Powerful words from one of the few remaining honest Democrats left in America.

Tulsi then went on to point out that the attempts to assault our freedoms “continuously points to the fact that they are afraid of the people. They are afraid of us.”

Yes, Ms. Gabbard is a Democrat. But she understands the importance of the Constitution and what it represents. And that’s why today’s Democrat Party hates her, and why she never really had a chance to become the Presidential nominee for the Democrat Party.

What a sad and pathetic group today’s Democrats have become.

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