Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Says Biden is Trying to be “President of the World” Instead of Prioritizing America

Former Democrat Presidential nominee Tulsi Gabbard went on Fox News this week to slam Joe Biden for not making America his first priority. She told Jesse Watters that Biden lacks humility, and the president must come to understand that he’s not God, and that he’s not in control of the whole world.

“Biden should be focused on his job of president of the United States of America,” Gabbard said, “and actually solving the problems that we’re facing here: securing the border, making our communities more safe, improving education, strengthening our economy by supporting small business.”

“There are a lot of problems, unfortunately. That’s where he should be focused. But instead, as we’ve seen, he seems to be more focused on trying to be president of the world, along with the power elite in America.”

The Fox News host, Watters, asked the former Hawaii Democrat Congresswoman, “It’s about humility, isn’t it, Tulsi? It’s about recognizing the the American president can’t just shape the world however he wants.”

Gabbard responded, “Well, central to that humility, Jesse, is first and foremost recognizing that you’re not God. You are not in control, and if you try to pretend that you are, what will result, even with good more suffering, more hardship for the people in the world that supposedly he’s trying to save, but also for the the American people. Because Joe Biden already told us, ‘Hey, freedom is not free. You, the American people are going to pay the price.’ And that is exactly what we will see play out if he continues to think that he is and can be somehow the controller of all people and all things in this world.”

Some brutal truths from a very powerful Democrat. Way to go, Tulsi.

Watch the video below.

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