Disney Insider Reveals All; “There’s A Bigger Agenda Involved”

Bearded men in dresses serving guests lunch.

A Disney employee spoke with Caitlin Sinclair from One America News Network this week to discuss how the company is no longer a family friendly place.

Nick Caturano has been a Disney employee for over 18 years, spending much of that time playing characters at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. He says the change within the company has been “stunning”.

“It seems there’s a bigger agenda involved,” Caturano said. “I don’t think anyone at these corporate levels is even worried abut the money. It’s an ideology.”

“It’s an assault on the American people,” he added.

He says there are now bearded male employees in leopard prints and stilettos within the park, freely walking into the girls bathrooms. “That’s just not conducive to a healthy work environment. These things do not belong there,” Caturano told the OANN host. “We are seeing bearded men in dresses serving tables at restaurants. And just to put a family who’s not ready to deal with that issue, just to have them confronting their family, you’re putting these families in an awkward position. They’ve gone there to make memories and escape, and that’s why people cherish Disney, they get the chance to escape and spend quality time with their family. But now you’re sitting at lunch or dinner and you’re having to explain to your kid why a bearded man in a dress is serving them. It’s gotten to the point where they want to groom and sexualize young kids, and I think the great majority of us can agree that something is wrong here, and we can’t continue to allow this to happen.”

Caturano then had some very positive things to say about Ron DeSantis.

“We love him,” he said, referring to the Florida governor. “Being in the state of Florida the last two years, we’ve shined the light to the rest of the country how successful you can be.”

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