Gutfeld: ‘I Call It The Great Awakening’ – The Left’s Replacement Theory Narrative Is Crumbling

"When the public looks at a problem, it's with a mental dashboard, and we see the red engine light."

The left has been screaming racism so often and so loudly over the past several years that they’ve reduced the value of the word. For as long as I can remember, every decent human being, which is the overwhelming majority of people, has been against racists and racism.

One of their latest identity politics gaslighting themes is calling anyone who talks about demographic changes or what is often referred to as The Great Replacement Theory a racist. Some have even gone so far as to say that they’re inciting violence. The thing is, many of the people now saying this was saying the exact same things not very long ago.

Greg Gutfeld calls them all out on it in the video below.

Greg Gutfeld: We all follow the replacement theory, but only the left seems to know what that is and why? Well, they’d wanted the votes. But they also want cheap labor, just like they did back in the 1850s.

Rachel Maddow: A lot of other states are heading toward increasing diversification toward demographic changes that mean a less red-state future for them. (MSNBC January 2021)

Joe Scarborough: I really think because of demographic changes in this country, I think that the Democratic Party is going to win Texas moving forward, and the Democratic Party is going to be in power for the next 30-40 years. (MSNBC August 2020)

David Chalian: Texas have had on this sort of long-term project of trying to take some red states across the Sunbelt and flip them blue as demographic changes are taking place there. (CNN October 2020)

MSNBC Guest: The demographic change that’s happening in America right now gives the upper hand to Democrats. (November 2020)

Greg Gutfeld: So assuming one group thinks a certain way, what a bunch of racists. Anyway, I list all this stuff because something’s happening. I call it the Great Awakening. The public’s waking up because, unlike the media, you exist in the real world, you make a living in the real world, and you face challenges every day in the real world. So when the public looks at a problem, it’s with a mental dashboard, and we see the red engine light.

I’d go even further than just the red engine light. It appears as if all the warning lights are on and flashing at this point.

Here are just two comments on this video that sum it up fairly well…

“That whole demographic change to flip states they keep mentioning was just them trying to make voter fraud by illegal immigrants that were brought and spread through this country by the Biden admin seem legit. The people that vote left but live in a red state moved there to get away from the shitty Democrat state and haven’t learned their lesson.”

“You know what bothers me? This can’t be incompetent Biden policies… his whole administration is Obama’s admin. It’s Obama doing what he couldn’t while being president, and almost nobody calls it out.”


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