Shocking New CNN Poll Spells Disaster For Democrats; “And It Keeps Getting Worse”

CNN has proven to be little more than a propaganda arm of the Democrats. Their biased reporting has gotten so ridiculous that most viewers already know what the hosts are going to say before they open their mouths. This is why no one watches any more.

But this week, CNN conducted a shockingly honest poll that showed how Americans truly feel about Joe Biden and the Democrats. And it wasn’t pretty. The look on the face of the CNN host, Jake Tapper, says it all. He’s clearly not happy that the Democrats’ approval ratings are sinking like the Titanic.

Some takeaway points from this important poll: First, Americans top concern, BY FAR, is the economy. 50% of Americans think the economy is the most important issue facing the nation. This was way ahead of the second most cited issue, the Russian war, with a mere 14%.

And Americans are extremely unhappy with Biden’s handling of the economy.

As Tapper’s co-host reports, “Biden’s handling of the economy is only at a 34% approval rating, 66% disapprove.” He added that Biden’s approval rating of the economy just keeps going down. Even more brutal, over half of Americans say that Biden’s policies have worsened economic conditions. Only 19% say Biden has improved economic conditions. (Editors note: Who the heck are those people who think Biden has improved our economy?)

Watch CNN accidently present “real news”:

The most important issues facing the nation were, according to the poll, the Economy (50%), the Russian War (14%), Immigration (10%), Climate Change (9%), Racial Injustice (5%), Coronavirus (5%), and Education (4%).

Contrary to the belief of most in the Democratic leadership, Americans are not stupid. They recognize that Biden’s foolish policies are hurting their quality of life. Gas prices are soaring, food prices are at all time highs, housing affordability is horrible, buying a car is nearly impossible, and utility rates keep going up. It all makes for a rising “misery index” for most Americans. Democrats will tell you it is all the fault of Russia and Putin. But that argument just doesn’t fly any more with thinking Americans.

Things had better get better soon, or Jake Tapper will have to watch his Democrat pals get wiped out next November.

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